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Pro Patch is a high quality asphaltic cold mix made from asphalt, 3/8″ aggregates and special additives.
It is ideal for patching potholes, utility cuts and small overlays. Ensure that potholes are cleaned, and the edges are intact. Compaction can be accomplished with the use of a roller/vibrator, compactor or the back of a shovel. Pro Patch will last as long as the road around it remains intact.


  • Provides permanent repairs in all weather conditions, wet or dry

  • Can be stockpiled outside for extended periods (over a year)

  • No wasted materials – return unused material to stockpile

  • Areas patched can be opened to traffic immediately

  • Binds to asphalt and concrete without tack coat

  • No mixing, no special tools, no technical expertise required

  • Can be installed by a housewife with a shovel

Pro patch is available for commercial users in bulk and for householders conveniently packaged in 50lbs bags, which gives coverage of 6 square feet at a 1″ depth.

You can conveniently patch a pothole using a shovel or you can hire us to do the job for you.

Check out our instagram @ProPatchJA

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