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PRIMCRETE by IAR has been in business for a number of years. Unlike most other companies that sell construction products, we are dedicated to making construction items of only the highest quality. All of our products are custom made, and we use only the best materials available. We have also strived to develop a product line featuring innovative and unique items that are certain to become top sellers.

We are pledged to providing the most prompt and efficient services. We devote individual attention to each one of our customers, ensuring that their needs and expectation are always met. We also offer special services for our customers, such as individualized payment plans, credit accounts, and overnight delivery.

We’d love to have you stop in and see what we’re all about. Our company is located at Lot 1, Bernard Lodge, Spanish Town. If you’re interested in paying us a visit, just call the office and make an appointment to come by. You can tour our facilities and see some of the exciting new products we are working on.

The image displays a few bags of Primecrete products: Thinset, Masonry Mortar, Granite Finish and Spec Concrete

The benefits you will receive are translated into value in areas of:

Economics – Save time by not having to employ labourers to mix stone, gravel and cement together for a finished product. Products are packaged to your need.

Quality product – Tested and proven by the Bureau of Standard. Inputs are processed to give the best result in strength and finish.

Usability – Easy to use; just add the required water as specified on the label.

Wastage – During movement, the product is contained and preserved in specially designed bags. These bags are with specific weight to aid calculation for your required need. Also, it is easy to store away for future use. We provide possibilities for quicker work being done.

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