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Requires no additional latex or acrylic polymers. This product contains a special polymer additive and, as such, can be used on walls and floors for installation of high-lug adsorptive tiles, semi-vitreous and vitreous tiles on acceptable surfaces.
The significant improvement in bond strength and flexibility brought about by the acrylic polymer prevents crazing and shedding of the tiles due to thermal expansion and other slight movements.

Water resistant for use on any tile & surface


This blend of Portland cement, sand and proprietary admixes provides a premium quality tile adhesive for fixing low adsorptive and semi-vitreous tiles and mosaics to acceptable surfaces. The addition of an acrylic modifier or latex is recommended to improve adhesion & flexibility.

Not for use in wet areas like bathrooms & showers.


Primecrete by IAR is the manufacturer of Spec-Concrete, which is a high-quality dry mix comprised of washed and specially graded sand blended with 3/8- inch gravel and cement with a compressive strength greater than 21mpa (3000psi). The sand and gravel are washed to remove impurities and extraneous material and then dried before blending and packaged in 80lbs bags.
It is ideal for DIY projects & small projects, designed for general concrete use, filling blocks, casting floors and roofs, laying columns and laying signs. Two (2) bags can cast 3 Sq. Ft., at 4” thick – 42 bags per cubic yard.


  • Consistent quality just add water

  • Better control of materials on site

  • Saves time and money inclusive of labour

  • Minimal cleanup


A blend of washed and specially graded sand, cement and special admix developed for laying blocks and roughcasting masonry surfaces. Because of the quality of the sand used, the texture of the roughcast surface is less coarse than job site mixes and hence requires less “granite” to finish the surface. The 21-day compressive strength of Primecrete’s mortar mix is in excess of 2,500 Psi. 77lbs

  • Excellent Adhesion to masonry surfaces

  • Ideal for DIY Projects & Small Projects

  • For laying Concrete Blocks, Rough Casting & General Purposes

  • Convenience of Handling & Transporting

  • Quality Control- A Consistent Batch Every Time


A unique factory blend of washed and graded granite sand, acrylic polymers, cement, and special additives designed to produce a strong, durable weatherproof coating for finishing concrete surfaces. 77lbs

  • High-Quality Water Resistant Finish

  • Smooth finish, no need to sponge or rub surface with a stone

  • Quality Control- A Consistent Batch Every Time

  • Convenience of Handling & Transporting

  • Ideal for DIY Projects & Small Projects

  • Durable Surface Excellent For Painting

  • Ready to Use


Our ¾ Gravel is packaged in 80lbs for flexibility, convenience and ease of use.


Our Granite sand is dried and processed to remove all blemishes and unwanted residue, and packaged in 80lb bags to offer flexibility and convenience. We ensure that every bag is consistent and is of high quality.


Our Washed Sand goes through a thorough purification process that ensures the highest quality. The sand is washed, sieved and then packaged in 80lb bags to offer flexibility and convenience.


Moisture proof bag- 23 Kg (50.6 Lb).

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